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Sightseeing highlights

in and around Salzburg

Sightseeing Tours

Salzburg Panorama Tours is Salzburg's leading sightseeing tour operator. With over 60 years of experience, the company is known for its outstanding quality of service. Daily guaranteed tours include the popular Original Sound of Music Tour®. In addition to regular tours, individual tours, private and group arrangements as well as transfer and limousine service are also available. Salzburg Panorama Tours specializes in providing tailored, entertaining and comfortable tour experiences.

Fortress museum

The fortress museum is located on Europe's largest preserved medieval fortress. In the splendid rooms of the fortress Hohensalzburg the history of creation and life is shown. In addition to the Fortress Museum and the Rainer Regimental Museum, the Fürstenzimmer is located on the third floor of the fortress. These include the Prince Hall, the Golden Room and the Golden Hall.

DomQuartier Salzburg

In the heart of the city is the unique cultural highlight, the DomQuartier. Here you can enjoy an impressive view of the city and experience living history in state rooms and on a tour of the museum. The DomQuartier consists of the cathedral, the residence and the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter.


Under the Residenzplatz and the Domplatz lies the Domgrabenmuseum, which provides insights into the building activity from Roman times to the present day. Excavations brought to light an impressive Roman villa from the late 2nd to early 3rd century. The villa is still largely intact. Equally interesting are the medieval foundations and the rising masonry of the west towers of the cathedral. After a fire, the late Roman cathedral was carried away and rebuilt in 1629 in early Baroque style.

House of nature

In the house of nature you can find everything from prehistoric times to the future! In addition to giant Sauerians from times long gone, reptiles from diverse underwater worlds from all over the world as well as the milestones of space travel with a view of the boundless universe. In the Science Center you can participate in interactive experiments and also take a journey into the human body. Various exhibitions make even more adventurous discoveries from nature possible.

Mozart's birthplace & home

Salzburg is the city of Mozart, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756. Today, Mozart's home on Makartplatz and his birthplace in Getreidegasse are museums that tell of the childhood of the wunderkind. Through various festivals, concerts and city tours, the spirit of Mozart in Salzburg is still noticeable today. His tracks run through the whole old town, from the Mozart monument to the grave of his sister Nannerl.

Museum of Modern Age Salzburg Mönchsberg

The Museum of Modern Age Salzburg towers high on Mönchsberg. Above the rooftops of Salzburg's Old Town, international works of art from the 20th and 21st centuries are presented on four levels. On a total of 2,300 m² own collections as well as contemporary and modern art exhibits are exhibited.

Salzburg Museum / New Residence

The Salzburg Museum has already won numerous awards and is located in the magnificently restored New Residence. In addition to the multifunctional Kunsthalle under the inner courtyard of the new residence, there is also the permanent exhibition "Mythos Salzburg", which deals with the cultural, artistic and historical development of the city of Salzburg since modern times. The treasury takes you on a journey into the past with its many unique exhibits. Underground, the Salzburg Museum is connected to the Panorama Museum through the Panorama Passage.

World of puppets


In the princely cellar of the Hohensalzburg Fortress is the "World of Puppets". In this adventure museum, historic puppets are waiting to take their visitors on a unique journey through time into the past. The focus is on the history of the city of Salzburg. The peasant uprising in 1525 and also Mozart are the main topics here.

Panorama Museum

The most beautiful views await you in the Panorama Museum! On the visitor platform you have the perfect view of the huge circular painting of the historic city of Salzburg and its surroundings. With telescopes you can see sights, the unique city panorama and many details from the everyday life of the citizens of Salzburg 200 years ago.


The center of modern art is the Künstlerhaus an der Salzach. The Künstlerhaus accommodates the Salzburger Kunstverein as well as a gallery with many studios as well as its own shop. A total of two exhibition rooms with over 20 artist studios as well as a ring gallery and a café.

Walk of Modern art

At the "Walk of Modern Art" you can walk through the historic old town of Salzburg to the most beautiful places. For more than 10 years, the Salzburg Foundation has been gathering works by international and renowned artists to create a sculpture trail on the street. This art project takes you to hidden places where you do not really expect art. All 14 artworks by various renowned artists are all freely accessible and within easy walking distance.

Würth sculptures garden at the castle Arenberg

Contemporary art awaits you in the Würth sculpted garden in the picturesque setting of Schloss Arenberg. Art for attacking in a somewhat hidden place to guarantee a more intense dialogue with the works of art in the wild. While one part of the exhibition fits perfectly harmoniously with the castle park, the other part seems grotesque again and makes you think.

Waterworks Hellbrunn Castle

Hellbrunn Castle has been enchanting with its water features for more than 400 years. The unique water features promise one thing above all - it gets wet! From water dispensers, to fountains and grottos, everything turns water here. And the water games are not only fun, they are also a unique expression.