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Why book with us? There are benefits!

1. Best price
2. Cancellation free of charge until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival
3. 10 € voucher on departure


Our Worth of Experiencing was developed according to the needs and values of those people who accompany our daily path of life: our customers, staff members and even our suppliers.

On the one hand it shows the guests of our hotels why we think a stay is so worth experiencing. On the other hand it helps us and our staff members to recognis what is most important in life and life according to it.

According to our highest maxim "Every day is a new one" we engage ourselves anew each day, in order to meet our guests with true heartiness and to make their stay really worth experiencing.

Enjoy reading!

Alexander Ipp
as well as all members of the arte Hotel

ErLebensWert.pdf [911 kB]